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It may be that popcorn is butter’s highest calling. Perhaps butter is why popcorn was invented. Regardless, buttered popcorn is here to stay – as long as it’s this rich, this buttery, this delectable and satisfying. Whatever you’re planning, chances are good that you’re going to need a bigger bowl.

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Nichols Middle School PTO President

It was Ok, I guest I just prefer Cheddarific, White Cheddar, and Chicago Chic. They are just my favorite.
- Irma Meeks, MS

Very Tasty Treat

Sometimes you just need the taste of good old-fashioned buttery popcorn. This flavor fits the bill. The butter flavor isn't overpowering, but is just enough to please the palate. Special savory treat similar to home made only better.
- Catherine Burnes, OH
My sister absolutely loved this product and ME for having sent it. Thank you.
- Phillip A, Raila, GA

Received as Gift, Became Quick Fan

I received a tin of four different Popcorn Palace popcorn flavors as a Christmas gift by some extended family. In high school I worked at a movie theater for three years and during that time and since have become quite the popcorn snob. Admittedly, Popcorn Palace has become my go-to brand for *quality* popcorn and the "buttery" flavored popcorn has become my favorite among the few that I have tried. I would love to know their secrets, and will continue to buy PP brand popcorn, and suggest it to others, in the future.
- Kevin Baron, MI

Great popcorn without going to the movies

This is one of their best flavors simple and fabulous. I love so many of their flavors and their is great consistancy in the product which makes this popcorn a great way to show someone you appreciate them. My wonderful daughter-in-law loves it too.
- Sharon Snider, TX
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