Chicago Chic

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Chicago Chic (Brown Sugar Caramel/Cheddarific) mix)

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Chicago Chic (Brown Sugar Caramel/Cheddarific) mix)

It took a town as chic as Chicago to come up with a snack that’s sweet as well as salty, full of creamy caramel as well as lots and lots of cheese, that’s rich and tangy, crisp and crunchy and never lasts for long. We call it Chicago Chic: half Brown Sugar Caramel, half Cheddarific. You’ll just call dibs.

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I love this popcorn!!
- Brenda Butler, TN

Popcorn Gobbler Extraordinaire

OMG I have tried them ALL and this one is THE BEST!! Save the best for last I always say, and that I did. The Cheddar + the Brown Sugar.....YUM!!!!!
- Sally Mulloy, GA

Best Popcorn Ever!

I purchased this flavor from a school fundraising. I absolutely love the Chicago chic flavor. It arrived fresh and in resealable bags. I will definitely purchase other flavours to try, but so far I love this one the most.
- Lilly, ME

Ummmmmmm good

I could not put the bag down. This is the best flavored popcorn I have ever had. It lasted only 2 days lol It was really fresh which was very important to me. I bought it with free shipping which helped me to try it since it is a little pricey. Bottom line is these two flavors work great together and just remember once you start eating this popcorn it is so hard to stop! :)
- teresa, TX

Popcorn Love

My initial order was during a fundraiser for my niece's school and to our surprise it was a great combination. The cheddar and caramel mix is not only delectable but addictive, as I have placed two additional personal orders because of the delicious taste! A new favorite and household staple.
- Dionne, MD
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Chicago Chic (Brown Sugar Caramel/Cheddarific) mix)

Chicago Chic (Brown Sugar Caramel/Cheddarific) mix)

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