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All the taste of jalapeño – and more. Paired with our gourmet popcorn, this marvelous pepper gets the respect it deserves. Taste the flavors of onion, garlic, the naturally sharp bite of authentic chile and just enough salt to enhance its complexities. Hallelujah Jalapeño! ¡Ole!

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Chicago mix with a kick

Love the jalepano. I eat it by itself or I add the French Carmel and White Cheddar with it. I share it at work and call it Chicago Mix with a Kick. The spiccy flavor is WONDERFUL with the carmel. My job does fundraisers but the Jalapeno is not offered. Someone actually argued me down that the flavor was not offered (they thought I meant Spicy Cheddar) until I brought mine in for them to see and taste.....
- vicky l adams, TX
Jalapeno has been my favorite for over 14 years!! The Best!
- Justin Wiley, CA
Best popcorn I have ever had, completely addicted to the fabulous jalapeño flavor!
- Janis, CO


mmm!mmmmmmmm! good. so good a kid named Evan will have to try it.
- milk, HI


Paino' is the best spicy popcorn out there! At one time there was a Palace in the mall I worked in. I still have the orginale refillable bucket that I would fill weekly while I was pregnant with my first child. I love having it delivered to my home, though I miss not being able to pick it up whenever I feel the Jalapeno urge. The salt/spice ractio is perfect!
- Kelly, CA
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