Kettle Corn

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Kettle Corn

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Kettle Corn

It’s astonishing what the mastery of four simple ingredients – corn, corn oil, sugar and salt – can produce. A sensual, yet not overwhelming interplay of buttery flavor, flirty saltiness, teasing sweetness and satisfying crunch. After crunch. After crunch. No wonder it’s made in kettles.

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Kettle Corn is a real treat. It's the first time I ordered it, but it won't be the last!
- Marcia Kozik, MT
excellent tast and flavor.
- Alab, CA


The Kettle Corn is by far my favorite. It is tender, flavorful and unlike other companies, the kernals are not hard or tough. No matter how many kinds of popcorn I order, the Kettle Corn is always in my order!
- Bettie, TX

PTA Treasurer

Kettle Corn is one of my favorites. I order it everytime.
- Eileen, CA
This is the best Kettle Corn I have ever had. The two combinations of sweet and salty are precise and none have come close to this recipe. Myself and several co-workers found it to be a nice reward to the hectic environment we work in. This snack makes me a much happier person. Will definitely be ordering it again in the near future!
- Shirelle, TX
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