Macadamia Magic

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Macadamia Magic

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About This Flavor

Macadamia Magic

Macadamias have a delicate sweetness and an irresistible soft crunch. Roasted, lightly salted and blended with gourmet popcorn, our special glaze is their perfect partner: softly crisp and delicately sweet with echoes of brown sugar. It’s a match – and a taste – made in heaven.

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We have really enjoyed this flavor. If you like sweet and nutty this is a great choice. Hope you enjoy Macadamia Magic .
- JoJo, TX
My husband always asks me to bake white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! This year I snagged a value bag to put under the tree for Christmas. He found it before I had time to hide it and he absolutely loves it!!! No more massive baking binges for me!!
- Mellisa V, CA


I love it! I have ordered three 3.5 gallon tins already! I'm still eating one of them and I'm halfway through it. I eat for a great breakfast especially.
- Bob, AZ

I love it!

It's great, I have bought three gallon tins already. I am still eating one of the gallon bags for every meal, delicious for a great Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert! Or a midnight crave! A must buy.
- Bob, AL

Registered Nurse

UM UM UM De and lish and us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Charlotte Robinson, MO
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