Spicy Cheese

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Spicy Cheese

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About This Flavor

Spicy Cheese

Americans love food full of flavor. Always have, always will. So we sent the taste of our primo Cheddarific popcorn into the stratosphere by adding the kick of peppery jalapeños, onion and garlic for a crunchy, creamy snack sensation.

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Hell yea!!!

Love the Spicy cheese!!! It's just hot enough and leaves a nice spicy aftertaste. My wife won't touch them because she doesn't like spicy stuff, so that means more for me!!!!
- Jared, MA


Love the spicy cheese popcorn! I shared this with people in the office and it's become everyone's favorite!!!
- Janet, CA
Our favourite popcorn flavour! Absolutely LOVE the spicy cheese. Just the right amount of "zing". Once you start eating it you won't be able to stop!
- didi p, OK

really, really good popcorn

love, love, love this popcorn. i'm hooked! Thank you for making such a great popcorn/flavor!
- Nicoel Tripp, CA
Love, love, love spicy cheese!! My favorite flavor of them all. Can't stop eating it.
- Yanksfan, DC
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